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Apprentice Butcher

If you enjoy doing manual and practical work, and would like to work with meat, perhaps you can apply for a position as an apprentice butcher. An apprentice butcher works under the supervision of a butcher and aids the butcher in selecting, cutting, trimming and preparing meat for supply or sale. Many employment opportunities are available for those who want to get accepted for apprentice butcher jobs so you won't have to worry about having a difficult time in getting a job.

Tasks performed by an apprentice butcher

When you get accepted for a job as an apprentice butcher, you will have to cut, trim and shape standard cuts of meat to a specific size. It will be your job to pack and store various products for sale and display and may also be tasked with ordering supplies from wholesalers. As an apprentice butcher, you may also be held responsible for cleaning your workspace and using the right sanitisers and detergents to make sure that food doesn't get contaminated and food poisoning is prevented. Preparing marinated meats and ready-to-cook dishes may also be part of your job as an apprentice butcher.

Working conditions of those with apprentice butcher jobs

When you become an apprentice butcher, you will most likely have limited exposure to elements such as dust, dirt, noise, cold and heat, but none of these will get to the point of being detrimental to your health. One minor safety hazard of working on apprentice butcher jobs is getting bruises or cuts, but these can be avoided. Your work as an apprentice butcher also requires standing, reaching, walking and handling objects with hands.

Where an apprentice butcher can work

If you want to get a job as an apprentice butcher, you can try applying for apprentice butcher positions in small or large supermarkets or retail businesses. You can also apply as an apprentice butcher in wholesale and export businesses where you have to prepare meat for export.

Skills needed to become a successful apprentice butcher

For you to become successful as an apprentice butcher, you have to be physically fit and be able to enjoy doing manual and practical work. Excellent hand-eye coordination is important for this job. You should also have good interpersonal skills and be able to follow directions accurately. Aside from that, it's also essential that you're not queasy about seeing and handling animal blood. After all, you're going to be working with animal meat everyday.